Best Girls Club in Orlando!

  We are a group of fabulous ladies who meet up and hit up the town! We don't discriminate as to whether you are married, single, divorced, have kids or not - we're all about getting groups of girls together to make friends and have a great time.
Check out our calendar of events. I'm sure you will find an activity, event or social that appeals to you. You will make new friends and have a fabulous time - so come join us for an event soon!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This group is focused on quality of participation and friendships. Please be so kind to RSVP to events as they are posted and show up if you have RSVP'd yes.

If you're interested in hostessing an event or letting everyone know of an upcoming public event, Or would like Girls Night Out Orlando to host your next big Event please feel free to contact me...all suggestions are welcome!!
Still Undecided about joining? Check out our photo section. Were tons of fun!

Since 2008 Sharon has been working in showbiz and mainly Broadway theatre productions and backing dancing within the music business.
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